Phyiscal Education With Mr Stella




Physical Education with Mr. Stella

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The preps have focussed on learning catching and bouncing skills when using a bean bag, soft play ball and a tennis ball. They have learnt how important it is to keep your eye on the ball and hands close together when performing important ball skills. Students have started to understand the importance of playing in a safe manner and have learnt to follow simple rules and instructions to ensure a great learning environment for everyone. Keep up the hard work!




GRADE 1 & 2


Students have focussed on learning the differences of under and over arm throwing. They have worked on improving technique which allows them to throw the ball more accurately. Students have enjoyed playing throwing games where they have tried their best to score points and work effectively as a team. Students have also learnt basic cricket skills which has involved fielding and batting. Well done!




Cricket skills and developing game tactics has been a major focus during the term. Students have learnt how to bowl, making sure they keep their arm straight when delivering the ball. They have also worked hard when batting and have enjoyed playing various bowling, fielding and batting modified games. Students have started to develop game knowledge and understood the importance of team skills in sports such as cricket. Students also will be completing fitness tests which tests agility and aerobic endurance.