New Buildings Project






March 2017


Have you had a close look at the building project lately? It is moving along at a fantastic pace, and soon will be completely sealed. I went to inspect progress the other day and the spaces inside are taking shape too. Once the exterior cladding is all done, there will be plaster going in. Then we will truly be able to visualise, all the spaces as they will appear in September. I can’t wait.



Feburary 2017



January 2017







Coming in 2017


Here are a couple of photos of what the new buildings will look like.



With the warmer weather coming there has been some great work undertaken on the building site. Both buildings are in the process of being ‘boxed up’ ready for the concrete pour of our slab. This also signifies the start of construction coming out of the ground. We have also been working on the internal colour scheme of the buildings. At earlier meetings, students, staff and parents indicated that they would like to incorporate blue tones to tie in with the school colours. We have also been mindful that there are significant windows which will look our onto our natural environment and are therefore keen to accentuate this wonderful part of our school. Lastly there will be a number of rammed earth walls that are visible both from inside and out. Therefore the colours that we will be using include charcoal, grey, blue and a yellow clay colour.


It has been great to see some warmer weather which is assisting our builders in finishing the ‘underground’ part of the building. We are getting close to seeing concrete poured for our slab which should be extremely exciting. The ‘Sanctuary’ is expected to be poured first with the main building occurring after that. Following the setting of the concrete will be the rammed earth walls and then the steel work. Hopefully some more great weather will see some outstanding progress. In terms of the water on the footpath, additional drainage is being installed and so this problem should also be rectified soon. We thank everyone for the care that they have taken on the particularly wet days.


The builders, ADMA company will be onsite this Thursday and will begin by securing the site to be worked upon. They will erect site buildings, fencing and commence pegging out the construction sites for the build. Foreman, Andy will be here each day to oversee the project and answer questions that our children will no doubt have. The first part of the plan will be to move the existing court closer to the Club house, put in new lines and erect new poles and rings. This area will then be opened up for our children to use. At the end of the construction a further court will be built where the old toilet block used to be. If everything goes well the slabs will be poured around Melbourne Cup Day and then the rammed earth walls and steel work will be erected.



I am pleased to report that ADMA has been selected as our builders for the main project. They are currently finishing work at Eastwood Primary School and will be commencing at Pembroke in the next two weeks. ADMA has also undertaken the building work at Mullauna College in Mitcham. In conversations with them, they are planning to work Monday to Saturday ( 6 days per week) in order to get the construction completed as soon as possible. All members of the build team also possess a Working with Children card and will undertake significant induction prior to commencing on the site. Can I remind everyone that the staff car park will be used as the Site area and that deliveries will be coming in from this entrance. Therefore only those required to use the disabled car park should be driving into this area and children need to be reminded to use the path along the oval for entry and exit into the school. As we enter the next stage, we look forward to working with ADMA to produce a wonderful result for our school and most importantly our children.


This Wednesday I have a site meeting with our builders and architects. At this meeting a timeline for commencement of the build will be established and we will start to put in place the next phase of our building project. The children are increasingly excited by various elements of the project such as the T.V studio, the cooking facilities, the new courts and the three new classrooms which open out directly onto the play equipment area. Dry river beds and a huge undercover space will provide other outdoor learning spaces in addition to the large amphitheatre





Last week, our main building was demolished with much of the rubble removed. This will be completed this week with the foot-ings to be removed and the entire area cleared.


After this, builders will come in to set up the site ready for the foundation work that will oc-cur in the ground. This will form the structure from which the buildings and surrounding area will be created.


We are already really excited at the way in which the demolition has opened up the site,. With the courts places behind the building, this will create a giant play/sports precinct that links the oval to the Multi-Purpose room..


We thank everyone for their patience during the build period and will continue to do all we can to ensure the safety of everyone on site.


The last of the asbestos was removed from our main building over the weekend and it is now time to await demolition. We are all really excited to have gotten to this point and can’t wait to see the new buildings start to take shape. The anticipated completion date is still early 2017 which is not that far away.

In other facilities news, have you seen the two areas that are being updated.

1. Breezeway area which is being painted and transformed into a student art gallery thanks to the wonderful work of Mrs Eames.

2. Our new outdoor learning space near the vegetable garden complete with new
seating and a brick BBQ that will completed shortly. 




Over the weekend, asbestos was removed from the Main building and taken off site. This task will be completed this weekend. When all asbestos has been removed and signed off by the relevant authority, the remainder of the building will be demolished and the entire area cleaned up. Throughout this process, equipment and qualified personnel will monitor the air and provision of services to ensure that the guidelines and processes that are in place are followed. The aim for all involved is to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our community during this process. This Wednesday I will be attending a meeting where the Building companies that have tendered for the re-build will be reviewed. This is one of the final stages prior to them coming on site and beginning the construction. We are now getting very close to seeing our school transform and it is still anticipated that the new buildings will be ready for the start of 2017.




We are getting closer to the demolition of our building with the power cut over this week. This will bring about some disruption to the school as there will be a power outage for potentially one full day over the next two weeks. At this stage, we are expecting the asbestos to be removed from the building on the weekend and then it will be up to the demolition company to come in and finish the taking down of our  building. (This is of course, all weather dependant!)




As many of you have noticed there has been significant digging and workmen around the site. These people are putting in new lines for gas, electricity, security and also communication ( computers and phones ), which is all required prior to demolition. Whilst this has resulted in a little disruption in terms of walkways and existing paths we have continued to work with them to ensure access points are available to different parts of the school.

Within the main building, we have moved out all existing library items and created a smaller library within the 5/6B room. Teachers also have additional reading material in their classroom and there is a resource space within 5/6 W that also houses additional books. Children will be able to borrow books especially those linked to Lexiles and the Premier’s Reading Challenge.

Some items are being stored ready for 2017, however, we are also keen to fill our new spaces with items that are flexible and provide a range of opportunities in terms of groupings, inside / outside learning and portability.


Over the next week, there will be further trench work being undertaken, Telstra will move devices from the main building to the Billabong and we will endeavour to move the last items that we are keeping in-to other parts of the school. In the last week, the staffroom will be moved to the Canteen area and fencing will be erected.





This week will see a number of services on site digging trenches to reroute services such as electrical, gas, computer cabling and security. This will take a number of weeks to complete and may result in access being limited to some areas. We will be constantly liaising with the Project Managers to ensure safety for all as well as giving clear working areas that reduce the amount of time onsite. These companies have all been approved by the Education Department and have completed many Education




Our main building currently houses things such as the electrical switchboard, computer server room and main phone line. All of these need to be re-housed prior to Easter when the building will be demolished. Therefore you may notice work being undertaken on the asphalted areas of the school and workmen within the school grounds. Please be aware that these people have all signed in at the school office, been approved either by the Department of Education, the Project Manager or myself and are aware of the needs of our school in keeping all members of the community safe. They also understand the need to minimise disruption as much as possible.





I attended a meeting in Melbourne on Friday where the next stage of the project has been approved. Everything is now well underway for the demolition of the main building over the Easter break. Shortly after that the building will commence and it is scheduled to be completed prior to the start of the 2017 school year. As many of you will have experienced, the main office is now located near the vegetable garden and spaces such as the Art / Science room and Music room are now being used as Year 5 / 6 classrooms. Whilst we understand that there will be some dis-ruption in terms of the use of spaces, the learning and teaching environ-ments are designed so students can achieve at their greatest level. I look forward to sharing each new stage with you as we work towards creating a school that will be the envy of those around us.