Literacy Programs




Reading is a vital skill to develop in all our students. Diagnostic testing and evaluation is used to determine students’ reading and comprehension levels and targeted strategies are designed to increase understanding. Reading skills are developed through structured lessons each day and student progress is regularly measured through the use of the Lexile program.


A targeted writing program exposes all students to a range of genres, and written forms. Priorities in spelling, grammar and punctuation, in addition to editing ensure students improve their original drafts and write for purpose and audience. Opportunities such as Celebrate Mooroolbark writing competitions, newsletter items and the Rotary Public Speaking Contest provides students with the opportunity to seek feedback on their written work.
Speaking and Listening

Pembroke Primary School strives to create confident and articulate speakers both within the classroom and across various activities. As a small school, all students are given opportunities to present at assembly as choir leaders and within their classroom, to speak with purpose and for the conveying of information. Students in Year 5 and 6, participate in a structured Speaking and Listening program run by Yellow Lantern. We also utilise the services of Toastmasters, Debating Association of Victoria and Rotary to provide a range of speaking skills and talents.

The school also operates a morning briefing radio program conducted by students and will be extending this in 2017 into a television program which will be filmed in our new T.V studio.

Throughout the school we implement the THRASS program to assist with Handwriting, Reading and Spelling.

Children learn sounds and the various letters and letter combinations that are able to make this sound. This enables our children to make choices regarding the various options they have in sounding out words, spelling a word and reading a word.
Ie. The “c” sound can be made with a “c”, “k”, “ck”, “q” and “ch” ( as in school)