Support And Extention

Pembroke P.S. provides a 1:1 literacy support program for students experiencing difficulty with specific literacy skills. Individual Learning Plans are designed in conjunction with parents for those students working more than twelve months above or behind the expected level. In the Prep level, these are seen as Intervention plans designed to support students showing concerns grasping concepts.

Reading Buddies (staff and community) read with students experiencing difficulty with reading, on a consistent basis. Through this 1:1 program, concepts can be discussed, clarified and connected to student experiences.

The school also has access to a School Psychologist and Speech Therapist in addition to the annual visit by a School Nurse.

Extension opportunities are based on the premise that all students should ‘Aspire for A’s’ and include:

* Archimedes Club – students working at Year 7 /8 level in Numeracy with our specialist S.T.E.M. teacher
*Maths and Spelling competitions held on a termly basis – medals and awards presented
* Opportunity to participate in the University of New South Wales competitions
* Participation in the Rotary Public Speaking competition for schools
* Sporting extension opportunities at District level and beyond
* Lead roles in our annual production for all students who wish to audition for a position including solo singing parts
* Strong student leadership program

Ms Collins working with our Archimedes group on their maths extension.