Visual Arts With Mrs Eames


At  Pembroke Primary School the students in all classes have a weekly visual art session taken by a specialist teacher.

The essential components of the program are:

Creating and making  Prep-6

Exploring and responding Grades 3-6

The seven main areas are covered in the program

Term 1   Drawing and Collage

Term 2   Painting and Construction

Term 3   Threads and Textiles, (Mosaics  4,5,6)and Printing

Term 4   Modelling and Christmas

Students are assessed throughout the year on their skills, use of arts elements, creativity and presentation.

Portfolio tasks are undertaken once per semester. Student art work is displayed throughout the school. Through these experiences, the students develop skills and techiques, problem solving, creative thinking, aesthetic awareness, personal learning and best of all .....

confidence in risk taking and pride in their achievements.