The Program

The music program at Pembroke Primary School aims to encourage a love of music and an outlet for creativity and expression. 

Each grade participates in a one hour specialist  lesson.  Activities include singing, moving, playing, creating and listening to music.

The elements of music such as beat, rhythm, pitch, tone colour, tempo, dynamics and texture are incorporated into lessons and activities are 'hands on'.


Students from Grade 2 to 6 can join the choir which meets each week during class time.

The choir performs at assemblies and concerts throughout the year.

They performed 'An Afternoon of Songs' for their parents and special friends, as well as assemblies and Celebrate Mooroolbark each year.

We also perform annually at the Mooroolbark Carols by Candle Light held each December.



Students are encouraged to perform their music, songs and dances at assemblies and concerts during the year.

A whole school performance provides students with the opportunity to perform as a grade, audition for lead roles, learn dances and routines and experience the joy of performing in front of a large audience.

Drum Club

Drum Club is a lunchtime club activity that all children can attend. The students get to use a range of different drums.